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DIY: Hillbilly Washing Machine



This is a great method for off-the-grid low-tech clothes washing or, in my case, diaper washing as part of the Second Annual Flats and Handwashing Challenge.

The total cost to make this washer was around $6, and about 10 minutes. The amount of time it takes to operate depends entirely on the quantity of clothing and the type of material being washed. Denim, for example, will take more effort than t-shirts.

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But where will the Angels Sit?

But where will the Angels Sit?



Do you ever wonder where the angels sit? When people come to visit with their angels.  The door banging twice. Girl. Angel. Because, really, there is only so  much room in my little house. Angels take up as much room as a person though a lot less air.  Even though an angel can change the atmosphere in the air in the wink of a wimple.  And they must come in,  they do not like to be left out in the weather. Have you ever seen an angel who has been left out in the rain – it is a terrible sight. Crumpled like tissue paper, poor things – it takes an age for them to dry out and puff back up.  And for obvious reasons it is very important not to let your angel get too close to the fire to dry out. So you can’t just leave them outside when they visit…

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