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Bowie Experience had them dancing in the aisles at Windsor Theatre

Bowie Experience had them dancing in the aisles at Windsor Theatre

Love Windsor Community News

Windsor’s a beautiful small theatre but the crowd can be tough… tonight they were dancing in the street… well, in the aisles!

bowie experience windsor theatre all the young dudes

I so wish I’d taken a picture of my daughter and her boyfriend sitting in the front row thinking “How embarrassing!” as Ali & I got up for a boogie… thing was, the whole theatre was dancing and only those super self conscious young dudes on the front row were sitting!

bowie experience windsor theatre golden years

I’d asked the band via Twitter at half time if they minded me taking and sharing a few pics… they were like fill your boots… the theatre weren’t too keen which is rather silly in 2016 when most nights there are plenty of empty seats?

Totally get recording sound or if the staging is super special but if the band / artists are cool then sharing content is great for the artists and great for the venues……

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A special quilt show…



I have been a little AWOL from the blog for the last couple of weeks because I have been feverishly finishing up quilts….

The first lot of finishes involved putting the finishing touches on some of the Guild’s charity quilts in time for this month’s display at Modern Domestic.

quilts on display 8

Usually when we finish up a charity quilt it is bundled up and sent off to the appropriate charity but for the last couple of months I have been collecting them so that they could be put on display at our local quilt store…

quilts on display 5

I can not explain how excited I was to see all our recent quilts hanging together.  It was just so wonderful…and bright…and affirming.  There are so many people who have had a hand in these quilts and there is so much love stitched into every one.

quilts on display 7

I also wanted to spotlight the newest PMQG quilt finish…

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Denim jeans made in america


Larry's View

Many products in America to day are no longer made in the USA. In fact most of these products have been manufactured outside of the US in American factories. You will find the easiest way to buy denim jeans made in America is by researching the different companies online. There are many different sites that will help you determine, who manufacturers products in America and who does not. Below is a list of a few denim jeans made in America.

First on the list is the Levi’s. While most of the products created by Levi’s are outsourced to Mexico, Guatemala, and Columbia, they are still technically made in America. The factories are currently based out of South America rather than other countries around the world. If you don’t consider these products to be made in America you may want to check out Wrangler or Not your daughters jeans. You will…

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Made in america room air conditioners


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Products made in America are becoming harder to find. What I mean is that even when the products are labeled made in America most have used pieces or parts from other countries so they are no longer one hundred percent made in America. You have to ask yourself what you consider made in America. Do you consider a factory that puts together the parts of a product made in America, when the parts are from other countries? Do you consider only those products made with parts manufactured in America and built in America to be made in America? There is a line for the definition for most individuals. When you are considering made in America room air conditioners you may ask yourself these questions and where you stand.

Friedrich Room Air Conditioners have been around since 1883. While they have changed their product lines through the years, they are still…

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