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There’s an App for that…

There’s an App for that…

Business in Berkshire

Morning, very conscious that I’ve not written any business related stories for a few months so time to correct that… have you got a mobile app for your business?

What’s the point of having your own mobile app?

  • 20 years ago normal business people were starting to use plain text emails to communicate with those who were going online…
  • 15 years ago I started promoting html email as a way of tracking what your recipients did with the emails you sent them… which links did they click on… back then we were getting 50% opening rates
  • 10 years ago these were down to 30%
  • 5 years ago 20%
  • Lucky to get over 10% today

Why are these rates dropping right off?

  • Heightened security blocking anything travelling via email
  • Volume of email in your inbox
  • New channels opening up, more options

We like new shiny things and we certainly like mobile…

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Series Introduction; Lessons From a Coffee Bean


Discussions Over Coffee

I love coffee, period. My love of coffee stems from the opportunity to spend time in local breakfast restaurants when I was young with my dad, grandfather, and several crotchety men who would solve the world’s problems in an hour if anyone would take their advice. (See “History Repeating” below.) Throughout my high school and college years my love of coffee grew until I was drinking three pots a day in my mid-twenties. By this time, I started thinking more about quality than quantity and started exploring. I tried ‘gourmet’ grocery store coffee, coffee from a popular doughnut chain (known especially for their ‘dunk’-ability), and finally mail-order.

One day, through a strange series of Internet readings and searches, I found that I could roast my own coffee. Once I started down that road, there was no return. Freshly roasted coffee had a full, unique flavor that I had never gotten…

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Why Do Americans Drink Weak Coffee?


Discussions Over Coffee


I drink a LOT of coffee, as you would expect.  As the only person in my house who consumes coffee, I find myself regularly making t 2 twelve cup pots per day.  In the winter when the weather is especially bitter there may be a 3rd. In the summer months I may not finish the 2nd pot, where I then make coffee ice cubes for simple iced coffee (recipe HERE).   When I travel, I drink the coffee of wherever I am and, since I do a fair amount of traveling, have had coffee in lots of places.  My overall opinion is that Americans drink weak coffee.

There may be several reasons for this, dating back to the 1940’s.  During World War II when commodities were rationed, coffee was a scarce resource.  In combination with stove top (and later electric) perculator pots, small amounts of coffee were rung of…

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Make Great Coffee


Discussions Over Coffee

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How can I make greatcoffee?”

First, let me say that ‘great’ coffee is like ‘great’ wine.  Like what you drink and drink what you like.  With that being said, here is a simle checklist to get you started on making great coffee.

STEP 1: FRESH BEANS- Buy beans from a source that ensures freshness.  Coffee goes stale in a matter of weeks, leaving it bitter, lacking body, aroma, and sweetness.  Like any baked good, the clock starts ticking from the time it comes out of the roaster.  (If you’re one of those people who found this great coffee in 1996 and bought a bunch hoping to use it for special occasions, throw it away.)  Ironically, most coffee is ‘Freshness Dated’ a YEAR from roasting, so don’t trust the dates.  Find a source that offers a ‘roasted on’ date.


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