This drug cartel used 39 street cameras to spy on everyone

This drug cartel used 39 street cameras to spy on everyone


Smile! You’re on narco-camera.

Mexican authorities last week discovered a network of 39 narco-surveillance cameras that were videotaping 52 vantage points in the northern border city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

The cameras, set up on electrical posts around Reynosa, were supposedly used by the Gulf Cartel to keep an eye on the city, especially the comings and goings of police and military.

It’s not clear how long the cameras, allegedly controlled remotely via Wi-Fi and equipped with a modem, video data encoder and memory card, had been recording before getting discovered. Authorities have not explained how the cameras managed to go undetected.

The Gulf Cartel is a powerful drug trafficking organization in northeastern Mexico that later spawned Los Zetas. The cartels played a major role in transforming the state of Tamaulipas into a key drug smuggling route to the United States.

According to state authorities, many of the narco cameras pointed…

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