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Make your own Ribbon sandals


Drama Queen Seams

Have you ever thought of an idea and just started putting it together and the farther along you got on it the better it looked?  The project was turning out just the way you hoped and imagined it would in your head?  Well this is one of those projects for me…  I was browsing around on Pintrest like usual ( I just can’t stay off that site) and came ac-crossed these awesome Ribbon wrapped sandals called Ssekos.

 Instantly I fell in love with them.

 They have dozens of different colored ribbon to choose from. You can tie them in all different kinds of ways.

What girl doesn’t love that?

I have a tutorial on how to re~vamp you flip-flops to make your own ribbon sandals just below.

This is one way to tie them.

  1. Thread ribbon through the two back loops
  2. place foot into sandal having the ribbon on top…

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Cozy up with 100% Wool Blankets!!

Cozy up with 100% Wool Blankets!!

We have a couple of beautiful vintage wool blankets that will keep you warm as the temperatures drop!

This one is a gorgeous wool blanket, called Golden Dawn, that was sold by J.C. Penney’s.  It has a great, vintage look and would work great on a bed or as a snuggle blanket for a couch.

wool blanket, Antique Alter Ego Golden Dawn 100% Wool Blanket

This 4 point, 100% wool blanket was made in England, by Hudson’s Bay Co.  A stylish way to cuddle up with some hot cocoa and a good book.

wool blanket, Antique Alter Ego Hudson’s Bay 100% Wool Blanket


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