How to Conquer Public Transportation in Amsterdam

How to Conquer Public Transportation in Amsterdam

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By Jenna Tantillo, Site Specialist

As a compact city lined with canals and narrow streets, Amsterdam is not ideal for car traffic. While studying in Amsterdam, you’ll live like the locals and get around town on some of the city’s other modes of transportation with options suitable for any type of commute.

Public transportation in this modern city is equally as advanced as it is efficient. It is nearly all run by the same company, GVB, so you can use the same rechargeable OV-card with a personalized chip for all journeys. This also allows you to go between different modes of transportation within a single commute, paying the GVB boarding fee only once within a 35-minute period. You’ll scan your OV-card upon entering and exiting the vehicle, being charged the boarding fee plus a small fee per kilometer traveled. You can expect a 10km trip to cost around €2.45. Cash is…

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