Exploring Southern Italy with ISA Rome

Exploring Southern Italy with ISA Rome

ISA Today

By Monica Taylor, ISA Italy Site Specialist

Regions of Italy

Italy is a country composed of 21 unique and diverse regions. Italian culture, food, and dialects are best understood regionally, such as Tuscan, Venetian, Sicilian, etc., rather than simply “Italian.” The unification of Italy occurred in 1861, making Italy a younger country than the United States! And to this day, the idea of a unified Italian identity is still rejected.

Whether you are studying abroad in Italy for a summer session or an entire Academic Year, ISA encourages students to take advantage of the affordable high-speed train travel, and explore the diverse regions within Italy! Check out Trenitalia.com for prices and routes.

Exploring Pompeii with the ISA Rome Staff

ISA Rome students live in the central Italian region of Lazio, which is known for its sandy beaches, forested mountains, and Ancient Roman archaeological sites. Amongst the included ISA Rome excursions…

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