Coming Out Abroad

Coming Out Abroad

ISA Today

By Vaughn Thornton, Regional Director

Five years ago in a Spanish discoteca, I finally said it: “I’m gay”. While I had said those words a billion times in my head (and a select few times to close friends), I had never said them to anyone else. It’s possible that the illuminant strobe lights and hardly intelligible Spanish music blaring from downstairs were over-stimulating enough to allow for my mental levies to break, however, I tend to believe it was something else: living in an unknown environment. Studying abroad forces you to live outside your element, and for many of us, it pushes an exciting and terrifying level of self-exploration. Whether you have spent years exploring your gender and/or sexual orientation or never considered it at all, I hope that these tips from my story imbue you with a desire for self-discovery.

Coming out is a process

It was toward…

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