Make Great Coffee


Over Coffee

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “How can I make greatcoffee?”

First, let me say that ‘great’ coffee is like ‘great’ wine.  Like what you drink and drink what you like.  With that being said, here is a simle checklist to get you started on making great coffee.

STEP 1: FRESH BEANS- Buy beans from a source that ensures freshness.  Coffee goes stale in a matter of weeks, leaving it bitter, lacking body, aroma, and sweetness.  Like any baked good, the clock starts ticking from the time it comes out of the roaster.  (If you’re one of those people who found this great coffee in 1996 and bought a bunch hoping to use it for special occasions, throw it away.)  Ironically, most coffee is ‘Freshness Dated’ a YEAR from roasting, so don’t trust the dates.  Find a source that offers a ‘roasted on’ date.


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About charlotsite

I like to DIY,Sew,Quilt, Bake Too. Anything I can learn to fix or learn to make that is what I like and want to do. I am a stay at home mom to a 11 year old boy. And he is picking up DIY and making things out of stuff he finds , it a great feeling finding someone trash and making it out of something beautiful .

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