Stamp School: Geisha Paper Dolls!


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Hi friends! A week ago I shared some origami paper dolls I made with a kit my sister bought me for Christmas. I noticed many similarities when folding them so I though that I could make some with the origami paper I already had and some beautiful Geisha stamps from ArtNeko and it was really quite simple!


I was not crazy about folding the head so using the geisha stamps was perfect for lazy me! Watch the video to see how!


  • Origami paper: 6″x6″, 3″x6″ (you can use any size you want, just size up or down the proportions) and a 1″ wide scrap
  • White cardstock scrap for stamping
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Geisha stamps: This is the one I used, These Kokeshi dolls would be great too, This romantic set would be great for anniversaries or valentines day
  • Bookmark sleeves-set of 25
  • Tassels Sold in packs of 3…

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I like to DIY,Sew,Quilt, Bake Too. Anything I can learn to fix or learn to make that is what I like and want to do. I am a stay at home mom to a 11 year old boy. And he is picking up DIY and making things out of stuff he finds , it a great feeling finding someone trash and making it out of something beautiful .

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