From A little Mermaid

From A little Mermaid


Because there has been so much more rain. I feel like I am swimming through the days. Yesterday it simply poured almost all day. Again.


The rain carried dread with it. We wish for rain, but too much of anything carries its own punishment.


I thought of mermaids as we sloshed through huge murky puddles feeding the drenched birds in the fields. They all have covers but the ground is waterlogged.


I loved the idea of being a mermaid as a child until we read that terrible story of The Little Mermaid. How her tongue was cut out and and she had to dance to entertain the man she loved, but every step was like knives.  Knives are a strong symbol in this story. I saw the ballet as a child and the elegance of the girl, her beauty in pain, giving up the sea and her sisters for an…

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About charlotsite

I like to DIY,Sew,Quilt, Bake Too. Anything I can learn to fix or learn to make that is what I like and want to do. I am a stay at home mom to a 11 year old boy. And he is picking up DIY and making things out of stuff he finds , it a great feeling finding someone trash and making it out of something beautiful .

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