Hay In The Barn



Hay. The best air freshener of all.

I had to turn the field twice to accelerate the drying because of all the rain in the forecast. And Jen and I went back out and gently spread out the bigger clumps by hand so it all dried evenly.Which as usual made my skin erupt in welts and itchy red spots, even though every part of my body was  covered, due to my allergy to hay. ( It subsides after a few itchy hours but is a little irritating to be a farmer allergic to grass). But we got the hay in by late evening and it is beautiful hay. Fragrant and dry and not too heavy at all.

And last night we were so tired after loading the first trailer full into the barn that after eating a simple  dinner of pasta, asparagus and cream with a quick salad from the garden we…

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